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by admin on April 16, 2011

Pura Kehen is a temple in the north end of Bangli on the East side of Bali. At the end of March 2011 we spent four days in Bali which was a really interesting experience.

Bali itself is in places really beautiful but it’s also surprisingly expensive and extremely dirty. I had hoped to take quite a lot of panoramics in Bali but in the end decided to relax and take a break. We did however spend one day travelling around Bali where we visited three temples.

The first temple, which I didn’t get the name of, was in a town called Gelgel. This wasn’t particularly exciting. Another temple was called “Mother Temple or Besakih”. We were excited about seeing Besakih but as luck had it we visited Bali during their New Year festivities so it was extremely busy. We were also disappointed in the locals who made us pay for a guide and were quite pushy. This we didn’t like.

The final temple we visited was Pura Kehen, as pictured below. This was what I expected Bali to be. This temple was way more beautiful than Besakih and there were no other tourists there apart from ourselves. We sadly didn’t have long to photograph Pura Kehen but I took the two panoramics below. One is a more regular panoramic taken within the temple complex while the other is a 360 degree panoramic.

Note: Please click on each image for a larger version

As a note about Bali itself, Bali as mentioned can be really beautiful. We stayed at a 5-star resort called Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa which was amazing. The hotel was really clean, the staff were amazing (very curtious) and it had great food.

We definitely plan on going back to Bali one day but to really explore Bali one needs to spend a decent amount of time there. If and when we do return to Bali we will visit Pura Kehen once again.

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